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Central Laboratory

The University has a Central Research Laboratory where comprehensive research is conducted in the fields of among others anthropokinetics, biomechanics, physiology, physiotherapy and psychology. Our specialist labs are equipped with modern research equipment. Research is carried out as part of our own projects as well as commissioned by external organizations. We cooperate with coaches, athletes, physiotherapists, as well as sports clubs and organisations.

Our scientific and research activities include:

  • providing scientific advice
  • drawing up surveys, analyses, expert opinions and reports
  • carrying out research, including in national and international partnerships
  • commercializing research results

We offer:

  • specialized equipment,
  • professional scientific and technical staff,
  • and ISO-certified labs.

We also offer rental of research infrastructure.

If you wish to use it, please fill in the form available on our website and send it to: central.lab@awf.wroc.pl 

If you have an interesting idea for a research project, please contact us at: welcome@awf.wroc.pl

We encourage you to cooperate with our University within research and development projects, as well as to jointly apply for funding and commercial research.

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