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1st cycle studies (three year Bachelor programme)
in English, tuition-based programme

Kinesiology is a course of studies characterized by a general academic profile. The main focus area involves human motor activity presented in a holistic way on an interdisciplinary level throughout the areas of basic biomedical sciences, humanities, social sciences and applied sciences. Graduates of this program earn a bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of the studies, in terms of theoretical and practical subjects, the graduates gain thorough competences, knowledge and understanding of all the phenomena and processes related to undertaking a physical activity of various character, leading to the fulfilment of individual various life needs. The substantive structure of the study program has an objectivized character, not taking into account the formal and legal conditions resulting from the specific qualification requirements of the defined labour market.

Thanks to this, graduates will be able to take up professional work in their target country in the broadly defined area of physical culture, e.g. sports, physical recreation, education, health promotion, etc., as well as to complete targeted professional qualifications regulated by the rules of a given country. As part of the course, in addition to general academic preparation, the graduate will earn one targeted professional qualification, choosing between health promoter or personal trainer.

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