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Doctoral School

Are you thinking about your future and career development after completing your Master’s degree? Is exploring knowledge in areas related to health, quality of life, physical culture or sport your passion? Would you like to conduct your own research under the supervision of specialists and professionals in the field of physical culture sciences?

The Doctoral School at the Wroclaw University of Helath and Sport Sciences is a place where you will be able to develop your scientific interests and research skills, collaborate with scientists and researchers specialising in the discipline of physical culture sciences, teach students, as well as develop organisational and analytical skills, learn and improve public speaking techniques and develop soft skills.

The training at the Doctoral School lasts 8 semesters and is based on a training programme and an individual research plan. The curriculum includes lectures, exercises, seminars, workshops, laboratories, consultations, internships and teaching practice. The programme is delivered in Polish and English. The participants of the PhD School receive a PhD scholarship for a period of four years.

The programme of the Doctoral School includes among other the following courses:

  • Najnowsze koncepcje badawcze w naukach o kulturze fizycznej
  • Statistics in research
  • Research methodology and design
  • Methodology of public speaking
  • Interdisciplinary lectures
  • Tools of the researcher and the teacher

Your main task as a PhD student will be to conduct research in the topic of your choice. But participating in the Doctoral School is not only about research, classes and following your individual research plan, it is also about the opportunity to:

  • participate in conferences and congresses
  • carry out scientific and research projects
  • participate in research and scientific internships, including those abroad
  • cooperate with scientists and researchers, including as part of research teams
  • improve language skills as well as soft and social competences

Exemplary fields and thematic areas of research:

  • Psychophysical rehabilitation
  • Muscle function analysis using functional dynamometry and myotonometry
  • Type of training and muscle function, fitness and physical activity, and quality of life
  • Physiology of human skeletal muscles in training and competition conditions
  • Virtual therapy and telerehabilitation in the treatment of civilisation diseases, in the teaching of motor activity and in sports training
  • Mechanism of plasticity of the nervous and muscular system in therapy or physical training
  • Bioelectrical properties of muscle and brain, mechanical properties of muscle
  • Modern monitoring of psychomotor and physiological parameters in the analysis of training effort
  • Central and peripheral fatigue during exercise
  • Use of educational balls in early childhood and pre-school education

Admission to the Doctoral School is open to Polish citizens as well as candidates from abroad, who fulfil the requirements set out in the rules of admission to the Doctoral School. Recruitment takes place through a competition.

Doctoral School at the Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences consists of scientists and professionals in the field of physical culture sciences, community and academic environment of our University as well as young scientists. Join the elite group of AWF Wrocław Doctoral School!

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