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Physical Education

Three-year programme, first-cycle studies (bachelor degree)

  • full-time
  • extramural (weekends)

Specialization* (from the 4th semester of first-cycle studies, full-time and extramural):

  • School sport
  • Corrective and compensatory gymnastics
  • Fitness
  • Logorhythmics

Two-year programme, second-cycle studies (master degree)

  • full-time
  • extramural (weekends)

Recruitment on the basis of the arithmetic average of the grades and the final grade from the graduation diploma in first-cycle studies in Physical Education

Specializations *(from the 2nd semester of the second-cycle studies, full-time and part-time):

  • Management in education
  • Rehabilitation – sociotherapy

*The listed specializations are the University’s full offer. Launching a particular specialization depends on the number of candidates, which results from the Resolution of the Senate (at least 18 people).


  • is in good health and physical condition,
  • is aware of his/her own recreational and health needs,
  • is open to people – children, teenagers and adults.

GRADUATE of the first and second-cycle studies

  • teacher of physical education with full psychological and pedagogical qualifications, instructor of a chosen sport discipline, educator at organized forms of recreation for children and youth,
  • depending on the chosen specialization a graduate can be: a teacher in sports championship schools, a fitness instructor, a teacher of logorhythmics, a teacher-instructor of corrective and compensational gymnastics, a personal trainer, a teacher of people with intellectual disabilities, a tutor-teacher in sociotherapy and resocialisation centres, a caregiver and activity instructor of seniors,
  • is prepared to carry out teaching, educational and caring tasks resulting from the role of a teacher,
  • can work at school and depending on the completed specialization in: special school, school and educational centres, gym, fitness club, senior activity centres, be a personal trainer and also work in educational organisations, local government, state administration and other institutions involved in the implementation of health-promoting policies, advising and dissemination of knowledge in the field of physical activity.

If you have taken your school-leaving exams / final exams outside Poland, check the conversion of points for foreign documents. Remember also about certified translation of documents!

In order to be admitted to the University, a candidate should be high enough on the ranking list drawn up on the basis of the results of the school-leaving exam, within the established limit of admissions; there are no point requirements.

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